Chi Square 4

Data Science Day 6:

Chi-square application 3:

Test for Homogeneity of One Categorical Variable across serveral sample spaces.

We use the Chi-square test for Homogeneity to evaluate if one single categorical variable has a similar distribution (or frequency proportion)across two or more sample spaces (or populations).

Couple make-up companies wish to determine if there are differences in the sales market for China, USA, and Spain.

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H0(Null Hypotheses): The sales market has the same distribution (frequency proportion) in China, USA, and Spain.


we will use SciPy package and chi2_contingency function in Python.

Python Code:


We have p-value= 0.69, so we accept the Null Hypotheses and conclude the Make up customer distribution is the same in China, USA and Spain.

Data visualization:

We can see from the graph, the makeup customer has a similar distribution for China, USA, and Spain. It consolidated our statistical results.



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To be continue…

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