Violin tuning

Lesson Note 1


For the longest time, I couldn’t tune the violin by myself, because I thought I do not have perfect pitch so could not tell when they are in tune. However, the teachers told me, I can still train my ears and acquire the relative pitch.

I started tuning by playing A and D, and trying to hearing for the golden sound of the perfect 5th interval.

But what exactly is the perfect 5th interval? Here are some descriptions I thought helped me found the golden harmonic interval.


Don’t fight with it, sink into the sound.
-Yuki numata

Listen for that Clean harmonic sound, No ‘wawawa…’ sound..
-Seth Van Embed

Listen to it carefully, your violin will tell you when it is in tune.
-Susan Kim

你慢慢调,是纯五度perfect Fifth 的时候,你就会如沐春风

aridian & 王泽宇


I used python plot to present the perfect 5th interval sound wave for visualization.

Now I can pretty much tune violin by myself now 🙂 !

I am using A=441Hz.

And there is much debate about the diatonic scale and Pythagorean scale, I will organize the differences between them next time……

Happy Practicing!

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