Fun math 1

When I was teaching the summer camp in CTY, students started to write:

{n in Z+| n < 0} = a really happy negative number

{n in Z+| n is even and n is odd} = 2, ( a really odd even number)

I thought it is really cute, I shared it 80 , he came up with some more statment ….
But we will go over a little math background first.

R is the set of real numbers, which can be thought of as points on an infinitely long line, a real line.

Z is the set of integers, such as ... -3, -2, -1, 0 ,1,2 ,3 ....

C represents the set of Complex numbers, they can be expressed in a + bi.
a and b are Real numbers, and i is known as the imaginary number, the solution of x^{2} +1 =0.

Bess-Hamiti / Pixabay

i = a real complex number

\Pi is a complex real number

i^{\Pi} is a complex complex number

English Teacher: I am imaginary
Math Teacher: I is imaginary

Descartes: I exist because I think.
Empty set: I exist because I set.
i: I exist because I imagine.
Lie algebra: you all go to hell.

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