SAS output

SAS day 2: OUTPUT statement

Output is a command used for splitting or stacking up datasets.

1.The most frequent use for OUTPUT is generating tables, we use Output statement to assign the overall treatment to every patient.

data adsl1;
set adsl;

wilhei / Pixabay

2.We can also use OUTPUT to divide the datasets.
For example, in Vital Sign dataset, if we need to divide the dataset by visit time1 and visit time2. Output command is a good approach.

data vs1 vs2 vs3; ( output 3 datasets)
set vs;
if vsdt=” ” and vsdt2=” ” and vstm=” ” and vstm2=” ” then output vs1;
if vsdt^=” ” or vstm^=” ” then output vs3;
if vsdt2^=” ” or vstm2^=” ” then output vs2;

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