Hola Hola!

I am Fangya Tan, a Data Science Ph.D. Candidate at  Harrisburg University.

I graduated from University at Buffalo with a Master Degree in Mathematics.

I m interested in Math, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Violin. Now I primarily work with R, Python and SAS for my data analysis projects.

Happy Studying!

Waka Waka!


What I am focusing on doing Now:


Professional Goal:

JuralMin / Pixabay

Rpubs  , Python, Kaggle

Post Class notes from HU

Organize the SAS procedures and functions

Summarize the statistical methods in clinical trials


Personal Goal:

Pezibear / Pixabay



生活有远方笔上的风景,心里的唐诗, 脑子里的数学题目, 手上的提琴, 脚下跑过的道路和身边我爱的,爱我的人!

life is right here, right now!

此时 此地 此身 !

last update Sep.4.2018

this Now page is inspired by Xixituo  



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